Temperature and Pressure Control Valve Applications

We maintain a complete warehouse of Electric and Pneumatic Controllers to customize Automatic Valve Systems. Piping and Connection Diagrams are provided with the equipment.

Our personnel have over 100 years combined experience in the HVAC control industry working with electric, electronic, pneumatic, and DDC control systems.

We welcome your requests for special or custom valve control arrangements !

Butterfly Valves

Additional Applications For Automated Butterfly Valves

  • Chiller Head Pressure Control: Control of Chiller Refrigerant Pressure for more Efficient Chiller Operation
  • Chiller Isolation: Valve Isolation of Chiller from the Chill Water and/or Condenser Water Lines
  • Waterside Economizer: Cooling Tower to Chiller Assembly Switchover
  • Boiler Hot Water Reset: 3-Way Mixing Valve Assembly